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Tumblr User Baffled By Vast Unfollowing After Posting 2,489 Things In Two Minutes

In Internet Culture on July 19, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Hasn’t stopped her from posting random bullshit non-stop…

INTERNET—Tumblr username “gurlygrrrrl69″ was subject to a mass exodus of followers this morning after she thought it was a good idea to publish exactly 2,489 posts in less than 120 seconds. The articles ranged from gifs, to cat pictures, more gifs, a Simpsons quote, even more gifs, 74 straight pictures of Johnny Depp, more cat pictures and yet even more gifs. “gurlygrrrrl69″ seemed genuinely confused as to who would unfollow her after posting “so much cooooool stuff!”

The user attempted to sum up her confusion in a post, which was no doubt not seen by anyone after being drowned in the endless sea of reblogged gifs. “I’m just expressing myself and my original thoughts! I’m SORRY if you don’t like it,” which was immediately followed by 19 straight posts of “haters gonna hate” pictures.

Some Guy Daily News is aware that this news may ring hollow to most people, as “gurlygrrrrl69″ is no different than countless hundreds (perhaps thousands) of passionately self-involved teenagers spamming every social media outlet they can get their grubby hands on. This could be your neighbor, a friend, a family member or even (more likely) you. Tumblr Spam Syndrome (TSS), as its now being referred to, is a distant cousin of Boring Facebook Picture Disorder, where the patient posts hundreds of dull, uneventful pictures of him- or herself and the same group of friends huddled around the camera.

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